Sunday, April 29, 2007

ESPN Insider

Ok, so I don't pay ESPN money for access to their "Insider". Unfortunately, my buddy Russell does pay them money for their bullshit "Insider" coverage. Yesterday, when he was over to my place for the NFL Draft, he logged in on my laptop and has continued to stay logged in. Out of curiosity, I perused the Hockey Rumors section that is only available to people who have purchased their ESPN "Insider" coverage. In this section, they basically say that the Canadiens are going to trade their 2 1st round picks this year for established NHL talent.

Obviously, they read Pat Hickey's article and assume that his opinion is gospel. No offense, but Pat Hickey is one of the most anti-American, (google Excited States and Pat Hickey) error-riddled journalists that the Gazette has. After Jack Todd, he is the bottom of the barrel. In case you missed Hickey's article, I will post a link for you here. While I'm on the Pat Hickey hating, I'll also inform you that he was overly quick to ASSUME that Perezhogin is on his way out and that Hickey erroneously reported that #42 has signed with his old Russian squad, Omsk. After a little further investigation, it is obvious that Perezhogin was only offered a contract by Omsk and did not actually SIGN with them. It's this kind of bullshit "journalism" that makes NHLers hate Montreal. No wonder we can't sign any free agents...

Apparently, Pat Hickey believes that he is a good scout when it comes to NHL talent, especially after watching 1 (ONE) game. If this year's draft is as weak as Hickey thinks it is, then how are we going to get established NHL talent for 2 first round picks in such a weak draft?

ESPN should be ashamed that they make people pay money for this sort of useless rumor-mongering bullshit.

I'd like to congratulate the Hamilton Bulldogs for defeating the Rochester Americans in the first round of the Calder Cup playoffs. Props go out to Ryan O'Byrne for scoring his first career AHL goal, which happened to be the game winner and series clincher.

Lastly, I would like to wish Hamilton's Mathieu Biron a happy 27th birthday today.

Oh yea, the answer to yesterday's trivia question is:

Steve Begin of the 2000-2001 St. John Flames
Aaron Downey of the 1998-1999 Providence Bruins

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Proverbial First Post

So I figured I would jump on this whole blogging bandwagon thing just like all of the Buffalo Sabre "fans" out there. This whole idea is kind of funny if you think about it. We spend all this time writing these things, thinking that other people actually give a damn about our opinions. Clearly, this is not the case.

Anyway, this space will be generally about the softest, most mediocre NHL team today, the Montreal Canadiens.

I am sick of all the goddamn Kovalev talk right now and I am not about to comment on it tonight.

In the meantime, I will start with a little trivia. Which two members of the Habs during the 2006-07 season have their name on the AHL's Calder Cup?