Tuesday, May 8, 2007

12 and 25

So that confirms it. After San Jose's exit from the playoffs last night, we now have the 25th overall pick. I find it rather ironic that the same day we find out we get the 25th overall pick, a former 25th overall pick has departed us for the greener pastures of Russia.

Alexander Perezhogin has signed in Russia for significantly more money than he would have gotten here. It's a shame, too. Perezhogin was a solid player, but was one of Carbo's whipping boys. Despite being one of our better two-way players, he was benched often. The situation with him kind of reminds me of the one with Jan Bulis last year.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how we use these two picks:

1) Pick 2 players with them and wait the 3-4 years it take those players to develop into something useful.

2) Trade the two picks for a higher pick this year. I am not sure how far we could move up, but I doubt we could get into the top 5. I imagine we could probably move up to 7 or 8.

3) Trade picks for an established NHL player. I really do not think this is likely. The only player we would receive in this trade is one who makes more money than he is worth on a team that does not contend. The pick + Samsonov for Aucoin rumors just won't go away.

4) Trade the picks for someone's 1st round pick NEXT year. It's a a hell of a gamble, but it would be pretty fun to trade these picks to say...Phoenix and hope for the Coyotes get a lottery pick next year.

Finally, here is a rundown of the players who were chosen 12th and 25th overall in the drafts since our last Stanley Cup:

2006 - Bryan Little (12th Atl) and Patrik Berglund (25th Stl)
2005 - Marc Staal (12th NYR) and Andrew Cogliano (25th Edm)
2004 - AJ Thelen (12th Min) and Rob Schremp (25th Edm)
2003 - Hugh Jessiman (12th NYR) and Anthony Stewart (25th Fla)
2002 - Steve Eminger (12th Was) and Cam Ward (25th Car)
2001 - Dan Hamhuis (12th Nas) and Perezhogin
2000 - Alexei Smirnov (12th Ana) and Steve Ott (25th Dal)
1999 - Denis Shvidki (12th Fla) and Mikhail Kuleshov (25th Col)
1998 - Alex Tanguay (12th Col) and Jiri Fischer (25th Det)
1997 - Marian Hossa (12th Ott) and Brenden Morrow (25th Dal)
1996 - Josh Holden (12th Van) and Peter Ratchuk (25th Col)
1995 - Teemu Riihijarvi (12th SJ) and Marc Denis (25th Col)
1994 - Wade Belak (12th Que/Col) and Vadim Sharifijanov (25th NJ)
1993 - Kenny Jonsson (12th Tor) and Kevyn Adams (25th Bos)


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