Friday, May 4, 2007

Team USA

As an American, the only positive thing about the Habs narrowly missing the playoffs was that I'd get to see Chris Higgins and Mike Komisarek don the American Sweater at the World Championships. A few weeks back, there was an article in the Gazette saying how both players were hoping to get an invite.

Unfortunately, neither of them are currently on the roster. I do not exactly know for sure if they were invited or not, but if they were not invited then I must say that some of the American coaches and GMs are on some heavy meth.

Instead of having Higgins there as a forward, the mighty Team USA has the following greats:

Nate Davis - Miami University is an average at best NCAA program.
Tobias Petersen - A 28 year-old career minor leaguer.
Adam Hall - an overhyped, underachieving 4th liner.

Instead of having Komisarek there as a defenseman, the mighty Team USA has the following greats:

Matt Greene - Notice the stellar -22 he put up this year.
Andrew Alberts
Andrew Hutchinson

Like I said, there is probably a fair chance that Higgins and Komisarek were invited and they probably both would have accepted the invite if not for their agents advising them against it. Both players are restricted free agents this summer and if they get hurt playing in this tournament, they will cost themselves, and more importantly, their agents a lot of money.

Agents suck.

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